EndoClot™ Polysaccharide Hemostatic System (EndoClot™ PHS)

EndoClot™ PHS consists of Absorbable Modified Polymers (AMP®) and a unique powder delivery system (applicator). It is intended for use as an adjunct hemostat to control bleeding from capillary, venous or arteriolar vessels in the upper and lower GIT only. Once sprayed onto the wound, the particles will combine with blood and other liquids present and adhere to the mucosa as a gel matrix forming a physical barrier against bleeding as well as aiding aggregation of clotting factors.


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How AMP™ Works:                                                                                                                             AMP™ perfect for a lesion in a hard to reach place:

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Polymer Solution for hemostasis


AMP® technology is a proprietary engineering process that modifies plant starch into biocompatible, absorbable hemostatic polysaccharides.

AMP endoclot from Fleetwood Healthcare medical supplies Ireland

AMP® particles have a molecular structure that rapidly absorbs water from blood, causing a high concentration of platelets, red blood cells and coagulation proteins at the bleeding site which accelerates the physiologic clotting cascade. The interaction of AMP® particles with blood rapidly produces a gelled matrix that adheres to and seals the bleeding tissue. AMP® particles are readily dissolved by saline irrigation and are degraded rapidly by human enzymes.
AMP® particles have been widely used in open surgery and proved to be safe and effective in achieving hemostasis. The AMP particles are hypoallergenic and will dissolve either with saline irrigation or enzymes present in the digestive tract. The AMP particles contain no material of human or animal origin.




Case Demonstration:





EndoClot™ Air Compressor is the recommended gas source for the powder delivery system.






AMP® particles are biocompatible, non-pyrogenic and starch derived.amp_power1 AMP® particles contain no human or animal components.









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