Spot® Endoscopic Marker

Helping You Win the Fight Against Colon Cancer

Supports Patient Safety and Quality Goals

  • Spot increases care coordination between Endoscopist and Surgeon
  • Improves visualization in laparoscopic procedures


Clinically-Proven and Society-Recommended

  • Align your clinical practice with established guidelines on the need for colonic tattooing
  • Clinically proven through more than 25 published studies


Easy-to-Use and Cost-Effective

  • Shake it.  Attach it.  Prime it.


Is Spot the same as India ink?
No, it is not. Spot Endoscopic Marker contains high purity, suspended carbon black particles in a ready-to-use, sterile, pre-filled syringe. Commercial India ink often contains impurities such as shellacs, phenols, ammonia and animal products. According to an ASGE technology report, these impurities have been associated with complications such as inflammatory reactions. In a 113 patient study of Spot, no inflammation, fever or abdominal pain was detected in any of the patients. Why take the risk of do-it-yourself commercial India inks when you have a sterile, ready-to-use, FDA cleared solution.

Is Spot sterile?
Yes, Spot is terminally steam sterilized. It can be stored in normal conditions in GI procedure rooms, and offers a sterile fluid path when connected to a standard injection needle.

** Spot goes a step further to not contain shellac, phenols or ammonia like other sterile India-ink products.

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